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Digimon may just be data, but we love them anyway

This page is for the posting of digimon existance theories made by Digital Destiny's members.  Any member who posts his/her theory or theories on digimon will have them posted here. 

Tamers Theory by DoruGatomon

DoruGatomon's Theory

" I think that our world and Takato's world are so similar. To everyone, digimon is a TV show, and a card game. Also, for all we know, there could be a top secret government agency trying to stop monsters (digimon) from bioemerging. They are just doing a better job than Hypnos did. I also believe in other realities and diminisions. The monster makers accidently made digimon and I think that could have happened in our would too. There could be a digital world right now and I think that there is. There could be people in it now with their digimon having the best time with their partner digimon. It's just a matter of time before someone reports seeing it or discovers it."

I think that the existence of digimon is alot more probable than pokemon or something. Digimon are data from computers. They probably exist in a digital universe inside computers.

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DAta theory by maul

Maul's Theory

You don't have to believe in this theory of mine. I don't think I even do, but here you go.
Okay, let's think.
Computers require memory to run. That's Bytes, Megabytes... you know... And that's known as Data when it's saved onto the computer's memory. Well, Digimon are data as said by Rika, 'Digimon are nothing but Data!'
If you save a Digimon game, the script and progamming tools and images are saved as data onto the computer but I believe it is deeper than that. Since Digimon are Data in the program, and are data in real life, they must be real. It's as accurate to them as you're gonna get! It's just that none have found a way to escape into the real world yet, or have they?

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Card game theory by Nocturna


I suppose I should start out with my most poorly formulated theory. The theory being that there is some kind of relation between the Digi-Battle cards/Digimon merchandise and the Digital World. Mind you, using the show as a reference doesn't help my credibility all that much, but it was what gave me the idea.

Copypasta from where it was originally posted on DC:

In the first episode of Digimon Tamers, before Culumon emerges into our world, you see a shot of it being chased by a Maildramon. Then, the Maildramon gets rammed by a Dark Tyrannomon. The Dark Tyrannomon digivolves into Metal Tyrannomon and destroys the Maildramon. After we see Culumon arrive in the real world, the scene switches to Takato and his friends playing a card game. Turns out that the two Digimon cards that are pitted against each other are a Maildramon and a Dark Tyrannomon that digivolved into Metal Tyrannomon.

This kinda had me wondering for a bit, was that supposed to be coincidential? Or were they trying to illustrate a connection between real Digimon and the merchandise. What if we're unwittingly playing out events that have or are happening?

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Theory of natural Emergence of Complex life forms by Magnorm

Magnorm's Theory

OK, here's my theory. Anyone know what emergence is? Here is emergence in a nutshell. Emergence is when something forms (hurricanes, flocks of birds, schools of fish) seemingly out of nowhere without a single leader or conductor, just by following a set of universal rules.
As said on Wikipedia,
"Emergence refers to the way complex systems and patterns, such as those that form a hurricane, arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions. Like intelligence in the field of AI, or agents in distributed artificial intelligence, emergence is central to the physics of complex systems and yet very controversial."

If we program a set of data similar to atoms, or strands of DNA, and give it a universal set of rules: reproduce, adenine pairs with thymine, and guanine with cytosine, or their data equivalents, then maybe, just maybe they will combine or group together, and, evolve, eventually. This is much how, many scientists believe, life was first created.

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Real Evidence of Digimon theory by vegito

Vegito's theory:

Digimon a show. Imagine if digimon the show wasn't on, you wouldn't think that digimon were even real. Just think the show was never made, think there was no digimon no one would think there real. My theory will explain how digimon is real and fake. The word digimon come from Digital Monster. As you see in the anime Paildramon(Ultimate) was made from 2 bases of data, Exveemon and Stingmon. That was called DNA evolution. Obviously its too far fetched to be true. But when you look at the dna progress from another point. I have 2 folders, one is Exveemon another is Stingmon put on into each other the file becomes bigger. Digimon DATA becomes bigger making them stronger.

I been making many theories, I have a digimon (Im not a digi destind). Now the Digi vices are not real so get that out of your heads. Digi destinds Not going to happen! I'm stating true fact based upon my sources. but digimon are only real in your computer by observing virtual download pet programs, I have edited one completly(TOOK a long time you don't want to try) Now when its 12 o clock the Gabumon will say lunch time. That is how you can make a digimno live. Facts of digivolution are far fetched. Digivolving is just in the anime not in our world. We fans should take into consideration we not a boundless line anime, we are creators. If you have a computer you can make your own game and try to make your digimon as real as possible. That is the only way I gabumon to send responses apart from lunch time.

Digimon Do not share their feelings, they are only real to the exstent of DATA do not push your imagination. The creators of digimon just came up with a brilliant idea. We have no digimon but we have other things. Digimon aren't a threat or looked over. The chances of digimon being real basically 0%. If you wish to debate fine, but I will only try prove you wrong.

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Blitz's Theory:

Did you see the first episode of Tamers and it made you think?
Remember when Maildramon was attacked by Darktyrannomon before he digivolved into Metaltyrannomon and crushed him?

Kenta and Kazu were playing that as a card game. So perhaps there may be existance within the cards too.

Then their is the little card reader that they swipe the cards through for infomation. What I see this is, is that the cards contain the data of the digimon. This is probably contained in the material which is in the card itself. Otherwise how could be read differently to other cards if it didn't?

The card reader behaves as the battleground and what happens. This is where the cards are read and are placed in a specific area of the digital world. If you remember that green mesh area were Maildramon chased Culumon, there. When the card is swiped it is read. If they are digimon cards they are placed in the 'arena' to fight. Then any nessicary power-up cards and so-forth when swiped allow them to fight better, digivolve etc.